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SEO Web Design RPM Fuels Tanks Web Design Project
The website looks great. For the design, we discussed different layouts and I’m very happy with the final result. It works well. Customers are only 2 or 3 clicks away from what they’re looking for. They did a very good job and listened to what I said. I highly recommend GLO.

Our experts know that ‘good’ web design won’t rank without a solid SEO strategy. That’s why we worked with RPM to deliver a tailored website redesign solution, allowing for the effective use of CRO and SEO throughout their site. This process helped boost the client’s product and product category page rankings significantly. In addition to this, our content specialists worked closely alongside our web designers to create data-led, optimised copy in the form of product descriptions and FAQs, further establishing RPM as an online authority on the topic of fuel storage, and helping dominate SERPs.

Our digital marketing specialists paired web design with strong SEO and CRO strategies, working to convert site visitors quickly and effectively. We conducted extensive research surrounding keywords and phrases, developing a strong understanding of user intent, including only the highest performing and most relevant across both on-page and off-page content, increasing conversion rate significantly.

RPM Fuels & Tanks have been running a Google Ads campaign since 2008, to moderate effect. Their impressive web design, CRO and SEO results have inspired them to team up with GLO yet again in order to develop this existing PPC campaign. Thus far, our Google Ads specialists have set up advanced e-commerce integration, and imported a Google product feed to RPM’s Google Shopping Ads, ensuring the complete accuracy of all data supplied to Google, and allowing for the effective management of a ROAS campaign. This project is ongoing, and RPM couldn’t be in better hands.